WHERE is the big par-tay?

Peabody Heights Brewery

401 East 30th Street
Baltimore, Maryland


Peabody Heights Brewery should be a hit with baseball fans, beer fans, and children of all ages. (Hint: if you’ve got a pool cue, bring it along!)

The brewery is located in the historic Waverly/Charles Village/Abell neighborhood of Baltimore City at 30th and Barclay Streets. Baseball fans may recognize this as the site of the Old Oriole Park, home to the minor-league franchise from 1916 through 1944. Peabody is the first brewery to open within city limits in over 35 years. Now it is the largest brewery in the city and does contract brewing for many local beers, including Raven Beer, Monument City, Full Tilt, Fin City, and Antietam Brewing.

Staff will provide bar service. They offer a wide selection of craft beers, all of which are on-tap, and Hoop Tea, a delicious 4% ABV malt beverage that is a hit with both beer fans and non-beer fans. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. **

Peabody Heights is very family friendly. It offers games and activities to keep kids of all ages entertained (pool table, foosball table, train table, and more). You can also take a free tour of the premises. Staff will talk about the history of the location, and the craft of brewing beer.

The party will take place in the Tasting Room.

The brewery has two on-site parking lots.

** No guests under 21 will be served alcohol.

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